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8 Juni WATER exposition at National Park Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

The theme of the expo is water in all its aspects and forms.
The flow of water, which is the source of all life and one of the elements, makes the clay malleable and useable for shaping, like the Chawan, the Japanese tea bowl. This Chawan holds the tea, consisting of water and a taste. It represents harmony, peace, rejuvenation, and refreshment and as soon as one sips tea and flows through you, you feel satisfied, content and stress is relieved.

Creating her art heals her and makes her happy. Tea nourishes and cleans her soul and gives spiritual inner joy.

Her Raku Horsehair art radiates the warmth of the earthen colors and flow of harmony. Her Kamakura-Red works, inspired by living in Kamakura Japan, symbolize love, passion and strength.

Earlier Event: June 2
Amstellanddag 2 Juni 2019