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8 Juni WATER exposition at National Park Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

The theme of the expo is water in all its aspects and forms.
The flow of water, which is the source of all life and one of the elements, makes the clay malleable and useable for shaping, like the Chawan, the Japanese tea bowl. This Chawan holds the tea, consisting of water and a taste. It represents harmony, peace, rejuvenation, and refreshment and as soon as one sips tea and flows through you, you feel satisfied, content and stress is relieved.

Creating her art heals her and makes her happy. Tea nourishes and cleans her soul and gives spiritual inner joy.

Her Raku Horsehair art radiates the warmth of the earthen colors and flow of harmony. Her Kamakura-Red works, inspired by living in Kamakura Japan, symbolize love, passion and strength.

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to Nov 18

Opening of SwanCeramics Art Gallery

Opening of SwanCeramics Art Gallery at my house and participation with the National Open Studio Weekend “Landelijk Atelier Weekend”.

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to Jun 3

"Praise to Nature" / "Ode aan de Natuur"

41 members of the Dutch Association of Ceramic Artists exhibit 62 artworks in the National Tree Museum Gimborn in Doorn, Netherlands. The exhibition is open daily from 9:00am - 7pm and a staffer from from 11:00am - 5pm. A catalogue is €3,00. The art works are small, familiar, cozy and big(ger) installations.
The address is: National Tree Museum Von Gimborn Arboretum; Velperengh 13, 3941 BZ Doorn, Netherlands.
Please, come and enjoy the beautiful nature walk in this great Tree Museum and enjoy the artworks!

41 leden van de Nederlandse Vakgroep Keramisten exposeren 62 werken in het Nationaal Bomenmuseum Gimborn in Doorn, Nederland. De expositie is dagelijks open van 9:00 - 19:00 uur en een keramist is aanwezig van 11:00 - 17:00 uur. Een catalogus met routekaart kost €3,00.
Het adres is: Nationaal Bomenmuseum Von Gimborn Arboretum; Velperengh 13, 3941 BZ Doorn, Nederland.
Kom alstublieft en geniet van een prachtige wndeling in dit grote Bomenmuseum en geniet van de de kunstwerken!

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to Apr 28

International Tea Ware Expo

International Tea Ware Expo of 29 artists selected by Mr. Lou Smedts at the KIA Gallery, Boomsesteenweg 4/6, 2630 Aartselaar in Belgium. The opening is on April the 7th at 2pm. There will be a Japanese tea ceremony on April the 8th at 1.30pm by Urasenke tea master Staf Daems. I made some new "Chawans" with colorful spring colors.

Internationale Thee Waren Expositie van 29 kunstenaars geselecteerd door Meneer Lou Smedts in de KIA Galerie, Boomsesteenweg 4/6, 2630 Aartselaar in Belgie. De opening is op 7 April om 14:00 uur. Er is een Japanse thee ceremonie op 8 April om 13:30 uur door de Urasenke Thee master Staf Daems. Ik heb nieuwe  Japanse thee kommen "Chawans" gemaakt met vrolijke lente kleuren.

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to Jun 2

2D Wall-Art at the Dutch Cancer Institute NKI

Exposition with my 2D Wall-Art at the Dutch Cancer Institute NKI, Anthony van Leeuwenhoeck Hospital. The address is: Plesmanlaan 121, 1066 CX Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
At the same time, I have a 3D exposition in 2 cabinets in the hall when you enter the hospital. You can walk around in the hallways and email me when you like something.

Expositie met mijn 2D Wall-Art in het Nederlands Kanker Instituut NKI, het Anthony van Leeuwenhoeck Ziekenhuis. Het adres is: Plesmanlaan 121, 1066CX Amsterdam, Nederland.
Tegelijkertijd stel ik mijn 3D work ten toon in 2 kabinetten in de binnenkomst hal van het ziekenhuis. Je kan rondlopen in de gangen en als je iets mooi vindt, kan je me emailen.

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to Jan 10

Exposition with 3 other artists at Galerie de Pomp

Exposition with 3 other artists at Galerie de Pomp, Dorpstraat 38, 2361 BE Warmond, Netherlands. The reception is on December the 8th at 5pm. The opening hours are Wednesdays thru Sundays from 3pm - 5pm. Please call 071-3011109 for the hours during the holidays.   
Expositie in Galerie de Pomp van 7 December - 10 Januari 2018. De receptie is op Vrijdag 8 December om 17:00 uur. Het adres is: Dorpstraat 38, 2361 BE, Warmond. Openingstijden zijn van Woensdag tot en met Zondag van 15:00 - 17:00 uur. Bel 071-3011109 voor openingstijden vanwege de feestdagen!!

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to Nov 12

International Ceramic Tea Ware Expo

2017 Nov. 5 - 12;
International Ceramic Tea Ware Expo of 29 artists selected by Mr. Lou Smedts in "Galerij Keramisch Atelier" in Utrecht, Netherlands. Opening hours from 2 pm to 6 pm. Address: Brigittenstraat 12, 3512 KK Utrecht. The reception is on November 5 at 2 pm.
International Ceramics Tea Ware Expo van 29 kunstenaars geselecteerd door Mr. Lou Smedts in Galerie Keramisch Atleier in Utrecht, Brigittenstraat 12, 3512 KK Utrecht, Nederland. De openingstijden zijn 14:00 tot 18:00 uur. De receptie is op 5 November om 14:00 uur.

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to Mar 29

Astronomical and Meteorological Spring in March 2017

Astronomical and Meteorological Spring in March 2017. The exhibition is in the Grang de Paul Art gallery in s'Hertogenbosch. Opening hours on Thursday - Saturday from 11 - 5pm.

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to Mar 19

First exhibition in the village where I live in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

First exhibition in the village where I live in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel in the Netherlands. The exhibition is with 5 other artists in 't Jagershuis, a former restaurant hotel. The opening hours are from 11 - 5 pm.

Click on an image to see it’s large version

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to Aug 31

My Exhibitions in 2010

2010 April - August

This “Angel” Kamakura-Red Kamakura Bori inspired teapot and cup are in an exhibition of my goldsmith family, my uncle Rudie Arens and grandfather and brothers Arens in the Museum“Het Valkhof” of the city Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

2010 August

This Kamakura Red Bamboo Teapot is acquired by the Yixing Ceramic Arts Museum in their International Hall of Teapots, China.

2010 April - May

This Kamakura Red Bamboo Teapot is accepted in the China 2010 2nd Shanghai International Modern Pot Art Biennial Exhibition, China.

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to Nov 30

SwanCeramics Exhibitions in 2009

2009 November

The Kamakura-Red PEONY Vase is accepted at the Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair, November 2009,  and acquired by the Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum, China.

2009 Nov. 12 - 17

“Kamakura-Red and Horsehair" Exhibition at the Ginsuzu Gallery in Kamakura in Japan.

2009 September

The Kamakura-Red teapot was exhibited in the Shanghai International Ceramic Art Expo, China.

2009 July 5 - 12

Koyasan (Holy Mountain of Japan) Exhibition organized by the organization “Happymaker” in Japan.

2009 March 20 - May 10

My “Golden Lotus Horsehair Vessel” is accepted by the San Diego Art Institute: Museum of the Living Artist in their 50th International Juried Awards Exhibition in San Diego, USA.

2009 April

My “Kamakura-Red Bamboo TEAPOT” is accepted in the International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition with the title: “Beyond the Function”. The exhibition dates are from April 6 – 12, 2009 in the French Designer Gallery of French Thompson in Scottsdale, Arizona and concurrent with the NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) conference to be held in Phoenix from 8 – 11 April, 2009, USA.

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to Dec 31

My Exhibitions in 2008

2008 Nov.- Dec.

Gallery House “Holiday Show”, Palo Alto, CA, USA.

2008 Nov. 4 - Dec. 5

My “California Sun” Horsehair plate and 2 other pieces are selected for the California Clay ‘08 exhibition from the Association of Clay and Glass Artists at the Fresno City College, USA.

2008 Oct. 10 - Dec. 9

My “Circles of Life” Horsehair Plate won a Judges’ Commendation Award in the Mashiko International Ceramics Competition 2008 and was exhibited in the MASHIKO MUSEUM of Ceramic Arts  in Mashiko, Japan.

2008 Aug.1 - Sept. 30

My “Cosmos Horsehair Plate” won an Honorable Mention in the 08 MINO international Ceramics Competition and is exhibited in the Ceramics Park MUSEUM in Mino, Japan.

2008 June 3 - June 28

Gallery House 3D-Show “Cast of Characters” in Palo Alto, CA, USA.

2008 June 6 - July 5

Coupa Cosas: “Art of Tea and Coffee” groups show from ACGA in Palo Alto, CA, USA.

2008 April 17 - 25

Yufuku Gallery: Ceramic and Food Exhibition, in Tokyo, Japan.

2008 April 1 - May 3

Gallery House 50th anniversary: special April show in Palo Alto, CA, USA.

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to Dec 31

My Exhibitions in 2007

2007 Dec. 5 - 14

The “BOX” Groupshow in the GALLERY IN THE BLUE  in the town of Utsunomiya, Tochigi prefecture, Japan.

2007 Nov. - Dec.

“Holiday Groupshow” at the Gallery House in Palo Alto, CA, USA. My work was wood-fired during “The Fantastic Fire” workshop in Mashiko, Japan.

2007 Sept. 8 - Sept. 20

“Horsehair” exhibition at the Toko Gallery in Mashiko, Japan.

2007 May 15 - 20

The Tokyo Nippon Tougei Club had their major Groupshow in the Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi store in Tokyo, Japan. I participated with 2 horsehair pieces.

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